Eden Lazaness /  Fine Art Portfolio

Prophets of Apocalyps

South to North, North to South

Stamp Drawings

G Machine



Transfiguration of a Tribe


From Man to Man, We Pass Like Strangers...

Eye Observe

Log of Me

Jerusalem Street Project

Charcoal Drawings


Symbolic Depiction Highlighting Relationships Between Elements

Queen of Granary Square


My artworks takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues inspired by everyday life growing up in a conflicted area of the world and my immediate environment. My early works often referenced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s implications and my current works reference the Information Age, technology, data and information as well as it’s control structures and hierarchy of power.

I was born in Jerusalem, Israel and attended Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, receiving a BA in Fine art in 2010. I then practiced drawing, video and installation and based my studio in Jerusalem as the city and it’s history was one of the greatest inspirations to my work.

I then moved to London, United Kingdom and attended Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, receiving a MA in Fine Art in 2014. My artistic practice then slowly transitioned due to the nature of the concepts behind my works, shifting from tangible pieces to virtual. The internet was something that inspired me from early childhood and I now find myself more and more engaged with digital art, utilising my skills as a web developer to my art practice.

Selected Exhibitions

Contact me: or eden@lazaness.com