Eden Lazaness / art /  Jerusalem

2010, 150 UV print on tiles, 300*200 cm (each tile 20*20 cm).

Text scriptures play a central role in regulating a social structure within a society. Whether it be a governing body or an omnipresence being, those scriptures contain rules and boundaries the controlling authority dictates to the public. Modern organizations using similar texts to describe their own "Do's and Don'ts".
The bible can be seen as an extended primal version of Privacy Policy or Terms of Condition statements.
Together with accessibility to infinite knowledge, mass culture and the digital age brought also the Paradox of Information as an undesired effect. As more information is accessible than before, filtering through the mass of data is becoming harder.

The process of creating this series of works was by hand-copying text onto paper as a digital scanner; line after line, from top to bottom. When the paper becomes full a new layer of text is formed on top of the previous one. The layers gather into a mass of text, causing loss of information. The text is being emptied of its original function as readable information and becomes an image.
All texts deal with ethics and social structure. All of them are used to explain the relationship between society and ruler, user and provider, an individual and the omnipresence.