Eden Lazaness / art /  Jerusalem Street Project

2010, series of 179, graffiti, 29.7x21 cm each.

"Jerusalem" is an art project combining a Gallery exhibit with Street art.
Those two were put together to connect the reality from the street to the exhibit in the gallery.

The Gallery exhibit compose a Jerusalem map printed on one hundred and fifty 20x20cm ceramic tiles. The total size of the map is 3 meters by 2 meters.
The map is missing all Arab and religious neighborhoods, and only consist of most neighborhoods a secular person or a tourist will travel in.
It is edited in such a way a non experienced eye wont notice anything is missing.

In the street art project, all neighborhoods name signs was marked with a Cactus sprayed on them.
Neighborhoods that was deleted from the installation map were not marked.
The Cactus fruit used to separate land territory in Arab culture, and also is a symbol of the new Jewish Zionist since Israel was declared as a country.