Eden Lazaness / art /  Prophets of Apocalyps

2014, series of 4 drawings, pen on graphic paper, A1 (59.4x84.1 cm) each.

Prophets are regarded as having a role in society that promotes change due to a newfound knowledge they transcribe to messages and actions (traditionally received from the supernatural or divine).
In modern times the appellation prophet has been used to refer to individuals who successfully analyzed and predicted social events in different fields.
The role of delivering revealing information, especially when it is questioning current way of life, is accompanied many times by persecution and oppression of the messenger.
Noah, Ezekiel, Jonah and Jesus had to face hard consequences for exposing their revelations.
Current information freedom fighters are found in similar position for their revelations.
Criticizing faults in society have resulted in their persecution by the controlling authority.
Edward Snowden, Julian Assanje, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning and Barret Brown have all been targeted for their activities.

Portraits in the Age of Enlightenment represented people. In recent times measurable means started to portrait people; size, weight, psychological and medical diagnoses...
Modern portraits, in digital photos, are constructed of bytes that are data and pixels. Mass of pixels builds the photo while a single pixel does not stand on its own.
The figures in "Prophets of Apocalypse" are represented by portraits constructed of measurements.
A graphic paper (a measurements tool) becomes a grid of pixels that compose the image.
Traditional use of ink on paper is standing in contrast to the pixelate look and the digital (virtual) theme of data.