Eden Lazaness / art /  Stamp Drawings

2011-2014, collection of drawings, ink on paper, various sizes.

The Drawings were made with rubber stamp technique on paper. The image that the stamp duplicates is a date, a text or a number.

By duplicating numerous times the image that the stamp contains - the pictorial image is created on the paper, in this manner the stamp itself uses as a brush.
The stamp's duplicated image uses as a "pixel".

Borrowing the use of the stamp from its everyday functionality to art emphasizes different themes, such as: Bureaucracy, Uniformity & un-individuality, The little man - a small part of the system, Border inspection / passports, Tag that attributes objects or people to a certain group, Cyclicality - a sound that repeats like an oiled machine, Nostalgia - in a time when computers prevail.

The image that the stamp contains, and the pictorial image - between them there are varied connections of opposition/compatibility. The work of art itself is actually this connection between the two.

in addition to the stamp's duplicating technique, the drawings are made in standard formats; Sheet, half sheet, quarter sheet.
These are set formats that are produced in masses; therefore most contemporary artists use these formats - predefined.

The drawings can raise a paradox between the unique work of art, which we can notice from a distance from the work, to the repeating discourse on duplication and the lack of individuality, which we can notice from a close look of the work.