Eden Lazaness / art /  Time-based

G Machine

Inspired by Google.

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2016, webpage, svg drawing & animation.
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South to North, North to South

Documentation of a repeated routine to and from my daily destination. Watching me from a distance.

2014 (v1) - 2021 (v5), webpage, series of videos played simultaniously, 18 minutes played in a loop.
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Eye observe

2014, video in loop.

From Man to Man, We Pass Like Strangers...

The social tension and complexity of Jerusalem is represented with the regular passengers of the newly inaugurated urban train.
7 passengers and the train driver - each come from a very different background.
Beneath their various identities, religions & cultures, they peel their shells and let us know what lies beneath those stereotypes most people don't look through.

2012, 24 minutes video.