Eden Lazaness / product /  E-Commerce

University of the Arts London

I worked at University of the Arts London as the Academic Enterprise Digital Lead (2017-2018). I was responsible for UAL’s e-commerce section of the website and managed user experience design, search engine optimisation and front-end web development.

UAL Short Courses eCommerce Designs

End results / Fit for purpose designs and build

A new integrated B2C & B2B e-commerce system and a bespoke customers portal that supports the business's UX and SEO KPIs.

UX design plan and implementation.

Support of SEO and marketing activities by applying new infrastructure and data modelling, as well as newly built Atomic Designs, integrated seamlessly to the rest of the website.

ecommerce research and implementation

Process / User research and implementation

Cross-functional design workshops to understand the customer and business needs.

Creation of a new user journey and wireframes as well as validation of the design plan with usability and E2E tests.

Change management workshops with business stakeholders to ensure the solution will fit for purpose.

ecommerce initial problem

Begining / Need to focus on CX and scalability

Cumbersome customer experience - very hard to find courses, navigate the system and manage bookings as the product pages, the basket and the checkout process all hosted in different environments and not designed around user needs.

This technical set up also prevented business stakeholders from tracking conversions properly as well as optimising SEO for improved digital marketing so customers can find courses easily.