Eden Lazaness / product /  Publishing

Cambridge University Press

I've recently started working at Cambridge University Press as the Online Customer Experience Director (mid-2020), where I manage a wonderful team of UXers and Product Owners.
We put the user and customer at the very heart of academic online publishing, championing the voice of the customer during ideation, conception, build, and ongoing thereafter, ensuring decisions are made which will optimise the usability of Academic digital products and create delightful experiences. My role creatively balances the needs of the customer against business goals, further validating customer experiences through testing.

More exciting updates coming up soon.

Cambridge Core, Cambridge Open Engage and Higher Education platforms (2020)

Begining / Academic platforms enabling researchers, lecturers and students

World-leading academic platforms:
(i) Cambridge Core: Peer-reviewed books and journals.
(ii) Cambridge Open Engage: Pre-prints and early research.
(iii) Higher Education by Cambridge University Press: Digital textbook bookshelf for teaching and learning.

All platforms already improve academics experience on their own, by delivering content in a digital format that meets user and customer needs.