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I work at University of the Arts London as the Academic Enterprise Digital Lead. I am responsible for UAL’s E-Commerce section of the website and manage user experience design, search engine optimisation and web development for UAL Short Courses Ltd. and the Language Centre.

In my previous role as the Digital Projects Developer I was responsible for the design and development of the Online Short Courses E-Learning platform.


Purpose: Short course booking system integrated within the university website.

Organisation: University of the Arts London - Academic Enterprise.

My Role: Digital Lead: Responsible for UX, SEO, system integrations and web development.

URL: Not live yet.

Planned End Results

A new user centred design plan that will be followed by an implementation of e-commerce templates and a bespoke student portal.

Technical set up that will integrate systems together so they will seem the same from a customer point of view and will support measuring UX and SEO KPIs.

The new system will support SEO and marketing activities by applying a new data structure as well as new build of smart Atomic Design templates.

UX Research and Implementation

Cross functional design workshops to understand customer and business needs.

Creation of a new user journey and wireframes as well as validation of the design plan with usability and E2E tests.

Change management workshops with business stakeholders to ensure the solution will fit for purpose.

The Problem

Student experience is not great - very hard to find courses, navigate the system and manage bookings as the product pages, the basket and the checkout process are hosted in two different environments and not designed around user needs.

Business is not able to track conversions properly due to a technical set up that does not support that. Control over the technical SEO is lacking as well and not supporting digital marketing activities effectively.


Purpose: Asynchronous, synchronous and blended online courses platform.

Organisation: University of the Arts London - Online Short Courses.

My Role: Digital Project Developer: Responsible for UX and web development.

URL: workflow.arts.ac.uk


Decrease of 84% student queries and technical support calls.

Improvement of 62% of the business operational timings allowing scaling up and managing more courses at the same time.

Creation of a new Tutor area for sharing tips of how to run sessions effectively using the right tools to improve their experience as well as the their student's experience.

Prototyping Wireframes & Implementation

A new simplified design that show users only relevant UI components they may use, this includes different views for different user types: staff, tutors and students.

A new responsive design that works well for all screen sizes.

System's Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation & UX Research

The system is based on Mahara (CMS / ePortfolio system), Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate.

The previous build was written a while back and was now going through an upgrade allowing the use of HTML5 and CSS3. To speed things up Bootstrap and jQuery were used.

My Process

UX Designer and Web Developer at the same time

I have a holistic view of the design and build process as I've got hands on experience with UX design as well as web development. I know how systems work and the technologies behind them as well as what my users want and need.

I am experienced with various digital challenges such as complexed e-commerce checkout user flows and synchronous / asynchronous / blended e-learning platforms.

Agile Project Manager

I am experienced delivering digital projects on time on budget in agile and waterfall work environments.

I have hands on experience with digital transformation, stakeholder management, workshop facilitation and change management.

It's all about teamwork and collaboration - all for one, one for all!

Analysis and UX Research

Before coming up with design plan I start with understanding the current state of the system, it's architecture and functional/non-functional requirements.

Knowing who my users are, what they want and when they want it. Creating personae bearing in mind both internal and external users.

Finding gaps and opportunities to improve the system for all users.

User Centred Design and Testing

Creating user journey maps and user flows to address all user needs as well as simplifying information architecture, user interaction and site navigation.

Prototyping and coming up with a design plan that is fit for purpose.

Validating designs with usability tests and making sure they work and really do make sense to my users. It's all about them - not me.

Implement and Test

Work alongside designers and developers to deliver the build following the design guides, communicating with both simultaneously and constantly.

End to end testing with real users to gather qualitative and quantitative user attitudinal and behavioural data to be able to draw conclusions, improve and apply changes to the design.

Facilitate cross-functional workshops to define KPIs with business stakeholders.

Enjoy the Results

E-Commerce system: successful roll out of a new content management system, learning management system, checkout process user flows that includes various types of users needs (different payment methods, improvements to site navigation, content and product pages SEO and UX).

E-Learning platform: Decrease of 62% time towards operations as well as decrease of 84% of student support calls due to roll out of a new user centred design plan.

We can always do better

Continue to gather qualitative and quantitative user data for future design and system improvements.

KPIs reporting to support and encourage cross functional business activities to help the business achieve long term objectives such as product development, digital marketing campaigns, operational activities.

Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified

UX Certification issued to Eden Lazaness by Nielsen Norman Group

AgilePM® Foundation

AgilePM® Foundation issued to Eden Lazaness by APMG International

AgilePM® Practitioner

AgilePM® Practitioner issued to Eden Lazaness by APMG International

Contact me: or eden@lazaness.com