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design and development process - ux designer and web developer illustrative image

Hat #1: Designer and Developer

I have a holistic view of the design and build process as I've got hands on experience with UX design as well as web development. I know how systems work and the technologies behind them, as well as what users want and need.
Unicorns only exists in fairy tales, it all comes down to hard work and years of experience working in different roles.

I solved various digital challenges such as complexed e-commerce checkout user flows and synchronous, asynchronous and blended e-learning platforms.

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Hat #2: Agile Manager

High level planning that takes into account unknowns and the need to respond to change.

Leading design, development, media and content teams to deliver digital products. It's all about teamwork and collaboration - all for one, one for all!

I have hands on experience with digital transformation, change management, stakeholder management and workshop facilitation.

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Hat #3: UX Researcher

Existing system? Before coming up with a design plan I start with understanding the current state of the system, it's architecture and functional/non-functional business requirements.

New system? Starting fresh with a UX discovery phase to get to know the business and user needs and how to make both happy.

Creating persona and journey map documents: Finding out who the users are, what they want and why they want it.
Identifying users gaps and opportunities, whether they're light/expert users, internal/external users, early/late adopters...

design and development process - user centred design and testing illustrative image

Hat #4: UX Designer

Creating information architecture, user flows, and user centred wireframes to address user needs as well as simplify navigation, wayfinding and search.

Prototyping and coming up with a design plan that is fit for purpose.
Signing off designs with business stakeholders then testing designs with users, planning and conducting usability tests and iterating between research and design for optimal results.

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Time to Implement and Remediate

Lead on cross-functional collaboration of design, development, content and media teams for a successful roll out of the project.

Conduct user acceptance testing to draw conclusions that can help improve their experience using the system and apply changes to the design and build.

Define KPIs with business stakeholders and communicate progress effectively - transparency is key.

design and development process - enjoy the results illustrative image

Enjoy the Results

Stop and smell the flowers, relax and enjoy the results.

Run a lessons learned workshop to review and recap the design and build processes as well as the product itself to increase future collaboration and productivity.

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We Can Always Do Better

Continue to gather qualitative and quantitative user attitudinal and behavioral data for future improvements.

KPIs reporting to support and encourage cross-functional business activities and help the business achieve long term objectives such as product development, digital marketing campaigns and operational activities.